Kingfisher Flyfishing CompanyTop Guides, Fine Lodging, and Essential Gear for the Lower Laguna Madre

Top Guides, Fine Lodging, and Essential Gear for the Lower Laguna Madre

Fly Fishing for Redfish
on the Lower Laguna Madre of South Texas

Kingfisher Flyfishing Company offers flyfishing for redfish and speckled trout on the spectacular Lower Laguna Madre of deep south Texas. Our commitment to flyfishing extends from the writing we have done in the field, to the videos that we have posted for your enjoyment, to the cutting-edge NewWater skiffs that we use to access the most remote, least pressured areas of the Lower Laguna. Kingfisher once hosted clients in its own
waterfront Inn, but recently we decided to do what we do best--guide dedicated fly fishers. In turn, we have joined forces with some of the finest local waterfront lodging establishments to provide flexible, diverse, and high-quality lodging experiences for our clients. Whether you are traveling alone, with a partner, or in a small group, we have lodging options to accommodate you.
Furthermore, we work closely with several associates, who can assist us in guiding larger parties. All of our guides are sponsored by NewWater Boatworks, and own top-of-the-line NewWater skiffs.

You will be simply amazed at the quality of our fishery. Some say that it's the best redfish fishery in the world, given the clarity of water, primitiveness of setting, and abundance of fish. The Lower Laguna Madre also boasts five of the seven current IGFA fly fishing world record speckled trout. Easily accessible by Southwest and United flying into Harlingen, Texas, Kingfisher is no more than half a day's flight from most airports in the lower 48, providing a serious alternative to far-flung tropical venues.

As the only subtropical fishery in the US outside of Florida, and one of the only primitive estuaries left in the world, the Lower Laguna is a remarkable natural treasure.
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